The Pearlman TM 1 Microphone was designed by and is hand made by Dave Pearlman of ROTUND RASCAL RECORDING STUDIO. It is a high-quality microphone made for professional studio use but priced for the home recordist. Many studios using digital recording, (Pro Tools, etc.), need a front end system to warm up their recordings. All Pearlman microphones include power supply, cable, shock mount, and aluminum case.  NO GMOs.



A large diaphragm, 6 micron, gold sputtered capsule sends the incoming signal to a New Old Stock EF80 tube (electrically identical, except for the heater voltage, to the very expensive Telefunken VF14 used in the famous Neumann U47) to the hand-wired circuit which includes selected WIMA polypropylene coupling capacitors to a state of the art output transformer custom designed (to match the European Tube output impedance) by the wonderful folks atCINEMAG Transformers in Los Angeles. The mic can also be made with the German Metal tube or the American Tube Equivalent; check for availability.

This is NOT an assembly line microphone; each unit is hand-wired, point to point, and voltage tuned for maximum performance. The microphones were originally built to fill the need for more high quality tube microphones and are now in demand by everyone who has heard them.

If you’re looking for a tube microphone with characteristics similar to the venerable Neumann U47 but at a tenth of the cost, then you will love this mic!

Every set includes The Pearlman TM 1 Microphone, custom-built power supply, custom tube microphone cable with Neutrik and Mogami, a heavy-duty shockmount and, complimentary aluminum case for more protection during shipping.

From Barry Rudolph (Mix Magazine, Music Connection, etc. ):

“I’m pretty particular when selecting microphones for recording different sources. I found the Pearlman TM 1 more versatile than other large capsule tube microphones I’ve used in the past. When recording acoustic guitars, I usually go with a small capsule mic such as a AKG C-451, a DPA 4011 or a Schoeps CCM4 L ST100. One time I tried the TM 1 on acoustic just for a change. I was surprised how clear it sounded and also how insensitive it was to my player’s movements in and around the front of the mic. I also liked that all the sound of the guitar was captured by the TM 1 even though I was a little close in at about ten inches above the 12th fret. On vocals is where the TM 1 hits its stride. Female or male vocals sound big and full even on singers with a strident-sounding upper vocal range. With obvious comparisons to the famed Neumann U47, the TM 1 is a first class instrument that is my “go to,” first choice when recording lead vocals. I’m keeping mine forever!”