My recent vocal session at Rotund Rascal Recording using the Pearlman TM 1 microphone was great! I got the exact sound I was looking for.

– Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Jeff Beck, etc.)‚Äč

After using a stereo pair of Pearlman TM-LE’s on the acoustic guitar tracks for the new Blues Traveler album I came to the conclusion that I will be definitely be stealing these mics from the studio! I literally cannot believe how clean and warm everything sounds.. Bravo to Dave Pearlman!

– Chandler Kinchla (Guitarist for Blues Traveler)

The Pearlman TM-LE makes any instrument sound like it was recorded in a multi-million dollar studio.. Looks like I finally found my favorite go to mic..

-Martin Johnson (Singer for Boys Like Girls. Martin just wrote the number 1 single for Taylor Swift.)

I’ve now used the Pearlman T1 and T2 on almost everything including Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Hammond B3 and Drums. The great thing is that they remind me of some very expensive German mics I have tracked with before. The bad thing is that I don’t have enough of them!

-Tomas Costanza (Producer and CEO of Killingsworth Recording Company)

I learned about Pearlman mics from my wife and fellow engineer, Ai Fujisaki. She came home from a session one night raving about a mic that beat Track Record’s U47s. A few months later I had the opportunity to stage a mic shootout at Ocean Way Recording. We were choosing a mic to track vocals on Avenged Sevenfold ‘City of Evil’. We lined up about half a million dollars worth of classic mics, and two Pearlman TM-1s the David brought down. The Pearlman mics came in a very close second to one of Ocean Way’s AKG C12’s and beat everything else! In my mind it was a toss up. The TM-1 BEAT Ocean Way’s own tube 47s! It beat the U47, ELAM 251, U87, U67, Microtech Geffell, you name it. I immediatly bought both mics and have been using them for all my most critical applications for the last five years. I absolutely love them.


I just wanted to take some time to write to you and mention how much I love your microphone. We use it on everything and would be lost without it. It’s a real workhorse and has yet to let me down. You guys have a lot to be proud of. I have, since we last spoke, moved on to a bigger better studio.


I own the TM-1 with the EF-14 tube in it. I have engineered such acts as Ani Difranco, Dr. John, Better Than Ezra, Ivan Neville, C.C. Adcock, Anders Osborne and Irma Thomas to name a few and have use your microphone on all of those sessions in one way or another. I have also worked on audio post for such feature films/TV shows as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” (which it was used for some of the actors voice overdubs), “Dirty Politics” & TV’s “Family Guy”. Once again, on those sessions, The TM-1 came to the rescue.

Please feel free to add me, if you so desire, to your list of professional users. It would be an honor for me and thank you for all of your wonderful work.

All Best,
Jack Miele
Fudge Recording Studio
1536 Terpsichore
New Orleans, LA 70130

I bought a TM-1 about 6 months ago from Chris Grigsby at 529 Pro Audio, and just wanted you to know how much I love it.

From 1994-2003, I worked at a studio (Zippah Studio in Boston) that had a 1950’s-era Neumann U47, and I got very spoiled. The U47 was left permanently on its stand and was “THE vocal mic.” When I left that studio and built my own facility in Vermont, I did not have a high-end vocal mic. Instead I made due with a variety of mics on hand. These all worked pretty well, with a little bit of tweaking, but I missed that easy magic of being able to fire up the U47 and knowing that it was very likely to sound great on a wide variety of singers. Anyway, I eventually got fed up, put a little budget together, and decided to try a bunch of mics in my price range. I tried — I don’t know — maybe 10 different mics (Bock, Telefunken USA, Peluso, SE, and others). Chris was cool enough to send me a TM-1 to try out, and that easily beat out all the others. I love the focused midrange; I love the high end roll off. It’s great on so many things. And singers really respond to it. Many have asked about it (many artists I work with have their own home studios where they do overdubs etc.) and I’ve been recommending it as a sensibly-priced “can’t miss” vocal mic.

Anyway, sorry for this rambling… I’ve just been very pleased with it and wanted to touch base and let you know.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

-Pete Weiss

Happy!!!! Yup!!! Now…I proudly have 4 Pearlman microphones. FedEx arrived and I have a ‘matched pair’ of Dave Pearlman TM2’s. The piano is officially mic’d. Aaaah! Beautiful little tube condenser mics.

I sent him mine and he sent back the original and it’s ‘twin.’

Soon, a new addition…something quite special. I’ll let ya know when it arrives and I have a chance to drool a little.

–Merel Bregante